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The Baobabs of Northern Madagascar

The baobabs of northern Madagascar The rarest baobab tree in the world is Adansonia perrieri. Satellite mapping by CIRAD indicates that there are fewer than 200 of these trees known to exist. We hiked for 2 1/2 hours on slippery leech infested trails in Amber Mountain National Park to see two trees beside the Antomboka […]

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The Baobabs of Morandava

The Morondava Baobabs Three species of baobab are found in the dry forest north of Morandava on the west coast of Madagascar. We entered this area from the north, having taken pirogue (dug-out canoe) down the Tsiribihinia River from Mirandrivazo. On the third day on the river we entered baobab country. The locals call this […]

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